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Bush had a big influence on my ideas for focusing more on the lines of a landscape. I concentrated more on the idea of a landscape being more abstract and holding pattern with lines and texture when I looked at bush's work and tried to incorporate this in my own work. I think I achieved this more with my digital images which allowed me to be freer with the position I held my camera which I found easier to capture close ups of what I was trying to capture with my landscape then the large format camera.

Stephanie Jung
Jung captures the everyday street and cityscapes of Tokyo, Shibua, Osaka and Nara which capture and give a sense of movement created by the double exposure and exotic colour. The images resemble snapshots of the urban every day, shaped by the flow of time. They are coated with a vibrating texture and intense colouring. Jung's works captures the space within the images and appear to be very individual structures of power lines, lanterns or car colours for the urban identity. I thought that Jung's work held all of the things I wanted to capture in my own landscapes but brought a new twist to it. I really enjoyed looking at her work and found the use of pattern, texture and colour eye catching and interesting to look at.

Nara II
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Lucy Shires 
"Textures themselves are patterns, works of art, intentional or otherwise, they surround us."
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Shires captures urban abstractions of texture and pattern and has an interest intake of detail. Although these aren’t necessarily landscapes I was drawn to the detail and unique texture Shires captures, her work influenced me to think also think about texture and pattern within my own images.

Contour lines

Contour lines are the main subject matter throughout my images, I wanted to capture or rather look within the landscape I was capturing to portray something that helped make what I was looking at (if that make sense) I didn’t want to just concentrate on a landscapes as being the obvious land, water, horizon and sky I want to also capture the textures, patterns and spaces within my shots. Throughout my progress in the project I did get a little lots with my idea but I think that was because I wasn’t shooting enough or researching enough, I also lost confidence in my images because most of them didn’t working out and didn’t looking how I imagined then to and I gave up to easily. When I became more confident in my idea I guess that’s when I stared to see what it was that I wanted to capture and started to look back on the artists that I originally got my inspiration from.
Tula Top, Contour Lines in Snow
Variance by Benedikt Amrhein

Lewis Baltz South wall, resources recovery systems, McGaw, Irvine, 1974,%202007-2008

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